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    10 x 16 Green Vinyl Mesh

    Tarps Warehouse means American Made and that makes all the difference in the world.Ê

    Our Vinyl Mesh Tarps are durable and can be used for a variety of applications, including canopy covers, patio screening, sun shading, privacy fencing, truck/trailer tarps, tennis courts and allows for effective sun blockage. Mesh Tarps allows the wind and rain to pass through them and provide a good deal of shade. Our AmericaÕs Tarp Company Vinyl Mesh is durable and economical and we manufacture them in a variety of sizes. Done see the one you need here? Call us and we'll make it for you.

    • 70% Shade
    • Mildew Resistant
    • Tear Resistant
    • UV Treated
    • Welded Seams

    Please note: The size listed in the Tarp Name is the cut size; the final product will have a finish size 4-6 inches smaller due to the hem.

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