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    Super Heavy Duty Gray/White Poly Tarps - 14 MIL Thick!

    Our Super Heavy Duty Gray/White Poly Tarps are 100% Super Heavy Duty and have grommets spaced every 2' on all sides. These tarps are gray/silver on one side, white on the other and are basically a double tarp, because they're 2 tarps fused together. They're 100% Waterproof, 3 Ply, UV Treated on both sides, 6.5oz/14 Mil thick, 14X14 Weave Count, Mildew and Acid resistant, Tear resistant and have Rope reinforced edges on all sides. This is just about as strong a tarp as you can get in a poly material. If you need stronger, depending on your application, you may need to go with a different material. We're more than happy to help you in selecting the right tarp for the right job, call us at 866-308-3282.

    You will not be disappointed with these Super Heavy Duty Poly Tarps. One of our best selling tarps and top rated by our customers. Our expert buyers know the difference instantly and you will too. 

    We can also make you a custom size if needed. Yes going custom is more expensive, but sometimes you need a special shape or dimension and we can do that for you. Just give us a call at 866-308-3282 or send us an email at