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    America's Top Rated Custom Tarps & Covers Manufacturer. Buy Direct

    Tarps Warehouse Custom Tarps and Covers


    Tarps Warehouse is the Leader in High Quality Custom Vinyl, Canvas & Poly Tarps Nationwide. Nobody makes more custom tarps than we do!  We manufacture all sorts of tarps every day, in a myriad of materials, sizes, and colors. Your tarp is made here in the United States of America, by American workers, using 'Made in the U.S.A.' materials, so you know to expect the highest quality tarp or cover.

    Each custom order is made to your exact specifications, 100%. We don't cut corners, unless you need a tarp with corners cut. You need a tarp that's an odd or specific size, or with Zippers, Velcro, reinforced grommets, or D-rings? We will do that for you!

    Call Our Custom Tarp Specialists Directly
    Call: 866-308-3282

    It only takes a minute to receive a quoteNo tarp is too big or too small. Besides providing you with a quote on your very first phone call, based on your needs our specialist can also recommend other tarp materials that may serve you better. 

    Custom Tarps made to your exact specifications
    Made to your exact specifications. 
    • Custom Canvas Tarps
    • Custom Vinyl Tarps
    • Custom Poly Tarps
    • Custom Mesh Screen Tarps
    • Custom Double-sided Tarps
    • Custom Box (5-sided) Covers
    • Custom Equipment & Machine Covers
    • Custom Cylinder Covers
    • Custom Iron-Horse Waterproof Canvas Tarps
    • Custom Awning & Marine Tarps
    • Custom PVC Tarps
    • Custom Fire-Retardant Tarps/Covers
    • Custom Drain Tarps
    • Custom Refuse Tarps
    • Custom Greenhouse Tarps
    • Custom Flat Bed, Lumber & Truck Tarps
    • Custom Construction Tarps
    • Custom Roof Tarps
    • Custom Warehouse Divider Curtains
    • Custom Shipyard Tarps
    • Custom Boat Tarps
    • Custom Concrete Curing Tarps
    • Custom Insulated Tarps
    • Custom Bridge Containment Tarps
    • Custom Sandblasting Tarp Curtains
    • Custom Canopy Covers - See our Custom Tents page for color custom-printed tent covers.
    What material do you require? 
    • Polyethylene
    • Canvas
    • Vinyl-10 to 40oz Mil-Spec Material
    • Iron-Horse Waterproof Canvas
    • Awning & Marine
    • PVC

        Is your tarp cover 3-sided, 4-sided, 5-sided? We will do that for you! Need a specific size, no problem.

        Whether you require a custom tarp or cover to shield something from the elements, for privacy, transportation purposes, or even if you're just tired of looking at it! Tarps Warehouse is the solution to your problem. Remember, we're your tarp company, just give us a call and one of our custom tarp specialists will assist you.

        It Only Takes a Minute To Receive a Quote
        Toll Free: 866-308-3282
        Direct: 661-903-8670

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