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    Canvas Tarps

    Super Heavy Duty Iron Horse Synthetic Canvas Tarps - Best Seller

    Our Iron Horse Synthetic 100% Waterproof Canvas Tarps are the absolute best. Its 100% American Made, manufactured by us right here in the great U.S.A. Uses Silicone Treated Yarn making it twice as strong as cotton canvas. Dry finish does not stain or have a chemical odor, Breathable eliminates condensation and has Brass Grommets spaced every 2' on all sides. Our best selling canvas tarps & top rated by our customers. Our buyers know the difference instantly and you will too. 

    Click Here for Custom Canvas Tarps Made to Your Exact Specifications.

    Heavy Duty 16oz Cotton Duck Canvas Tarps

    Tarps Warehouse manufactures all of our 16oz Cotton Duck Canvas Tarps right here in the great U.S.A. and is 100% American Made. We take great pride in that and you should too because that means you're getting the very best product and not a sub-standard tarp that was imported from somewhere around the globe. All our Canvas Tarps are treated to be Water Resistant, Durable, have Brass Grommets spaced every 2' on all sides, Reinforced Sides and are Double Stitched everywhere.  

    All the Canvas Tarps made by are made right here in the great USA and we take great pride in that. While other companies import their canvas tarps from countries around the globe, we don’t believe in that and our reason is simple; it’s all about keeping jobs in America, quality and consistency. When you purchase a Canvas Tarp from America’s Tarp Company, you can be sure you are getting the best in quality. All our Canvas is Treated to be Water Resistant and have Brass Grommets spaced every 24” on all sides. We can also make you a Canvas Tarp that is NFPA 701/CPAI-84 Certified Fire Retardant, so if that’s what you need call us.

    Please note: Canvas tarps are made to order and our factory’s turnaround time is 7-12 working days. We appreciate your business and your patience; we promise you will not be disappointed with your purchase. Need it sooner? Give us a call (866) 308-3282.